Saturday, December 18, 2010

Vintage Violence



All Photos by Evan and Opal Wells

This is Evan and mines first attempt at working together with a model. I was very pleased with how well the photos came out. Please don’t hesitate to give any constructive criticism; as beginners any advice would be greatly appreciated.

The photos were taken about a month ago in an alley in downtown Bloomington, Indiana. Makeup artist Kinsey Clark was hired to help us accomplish a 1920’s flapper girl look. The styling was done by me out of my personal collection- I chose a loose fitting fringe tiered dress from H&M, vintage heels, and bold accessories I imaged would photograph well. Originally the plan was for Evan and I to each take photos; however, the lighting was so low and I am not yet comfortable with all of the manual settings. Evan took most of the photos while I choreographed the model. Eventually I worked up the confidence to frame up a few shots. I was surprised with how much more difficult shooting in the dark (with no flash) was than in the day- even when you are using a tripod. I still have so much to learn! Next set we do will defiantly be during the day so I can be more involved.  All around it was a great experience for all parties involved. 


Angga said...

Such pretty photos!!! and I love the dress, was surprise to hear about the shooting was in downtown indiana, my brother lives there, and my dad id visiting him right now lol
any way I completely agree with the low lighting and without flash, it is really hard, I'm still trying to learn the technique too

Fashion Me Chic said...

Love the fact that you were trying to capture the 1920's era in these photos. Not an expert but they look good to me.

Anisa said...

personally the 1920's has always been my favorite era. from the prohibition to the style, it's just reminds me of sneaky fun and girls being cheeky ;) i think your photos capture it beautifully! great job!

thanks for checking out my blog, do come again :)


plentyforpennies said...

Love these shots! My only complaint is that they're not all displayed as full sized shots! I so love looking at great photos!

Pop Champagne said...

love the outfits! the shots are well done too, some shots have that vintage feel which I love

Kaleido Mind said...

can't believe this was your first time working with one! this shoot is so editorial!!:)

Anonymous said...

At first I was going to suggest you find an editing style and stick with it but after a second look I would say they are perfect they way you have them. Great work for a couple of newbs.