Friday, October 22, 2010

Artist Feature: Hans Bellmer

Hans Bellmer (1902-1975) was a German surrealism photographer. He started his doll project in the mid 1930’s to resist the Nazi Party and their ideal of the perfect form. His dolls were mutated pubescent girls in unconventional poses. Eventually he had to flee Germany and moved to France where his work was widely accepted. While in Paris he interned with one of my personal favorite artists, Max Ernst. In 1940 Bellmer ceased his doll project and continued his work with sexually explicit images in the form of etchings, paintings, photography, and drawings. Bellmer released a lot of his work in an anonymous publication at his own expense. Other publications that featured his work include the surrealist journal "Le Minotaure."

Many things were said to have influenced Bellmer's doll project, including his young, beautiful teenage cousin.

 "The representation of obscenity expresses a rebellion against society, conventional rationality and the Zeitgeist of the times in which the artist lived" -source Hans Bellmer Art Directory

Although at times pedophilic, I find Bellmer's work to be intoxicating and alluring. With the support of surrealism founder André Breton, Bellmer became one of Paris' most famous surrealist photographers.


Sumo Dewan said...

usage of dolls really scares me
Cindy Sherman does portraiture with dolls and it is lets say very graphic :)

Anonymous said...

really enjoyed learning about this

ShaylaF said...

I would imagine some agalmatophilia had been going on, due to the erotic ways they are being displayed.

Anonymous said...

This is some really crazy, great stuff. I like it!