Sunday, August 8, 2010

Boone Hutch (revised)

Boone Hutcheson Cemetery
Putnam County, Indiana
Photographer: Evan Wells

I have so many memories in this grave yard. As a teenager my friends and I would regularly visit this cemetery after school, on Halloween, or late in the night after sneaking out of my parents house. It’s located at the top of hill in the middle of the Indiana’s beautiful country side. Nothing is around except covered bridges and pastures of corn and soy beans. There is something about this place that brings an intense feeling of comfort.

*edited 8/23- I'm teaching myself photoshop. I haven't spent a lot of time on it but it's easy to make your photos look a little better. The top photo hasn't had any editing.

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Katie Flint said...

Jenni! I found this googling Putnam County, Indiana because I was homesick. Boy was I surprised to see you in one of our favorite hang out spots. Your pictures are great! You are a beautiful model and Evan is a great photographer!