Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tuesday 6/27

I’m very indecisive on how I feel about the internet world- especially blogs. On one hand I respect a lot of fashion bloggers for expressing themselves and inspiring others to be fashion forward and wear something bazaar they otherwise wouldn’t have. On the contrary, the anonymity the internet provides allows people to be disrespectful to strangers or in a lot of cases people you associate with. With my Wordpress account it seemed as though a day couldn’t pass without some unidentified coward trying to tear me down. Not that some online shmuck is going to make or break my day but it’s the general ill-mannered attitude that these young people project online under a nickname. I know everyone is entitled to their own opinion and so on and so forth but at least have the audacity to say who you are.

On a brighter note…. The husband and I are renting a double-decker pontoon boat tomorrow with a group of friends. I love summertime!

I'd love to own a boat like the one featured in the last image. A girl can dream.

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Jenni Wells said...


“How is it that the social networking sites get away with doing absolutely nothing even when their own subscribers abandon all sense of human decency? I don't get it" (pulled from article)